From the Ashes, a Phoenix is Reborn!

Entertainment Weekly has broken the news that Marvel will be bringing back Jean Grey in some fashion sometime soon. Most outlets are taking this to mean she’s coming back to life, so let’s roll with that.

Jean Grey was killed in the early/mid-2000s in Grant Morrison’s “Planet X” storyline in New X-Men by a man pretending to be Magneto who was actually…you know what, I’m actually going to not try to explain the fiasco of continuity that Xorn ended up being. Regardless, Jean died. Now, the Avengers and fighting the X-Men over the Phoenix Force that Jean wielded in a story cleverly titled, wait for it, Avengers vs. X-Men. 

Just roll with it.

Regardless, most Jean Grey fans will recognize her from the movie series, the X-Men: Evolution cartoon, or the fact that she’s died and come back to life a few times in her history. She’s been dead for most of the time that I’ve been reading comics (since I started back in 2002 as a wee tyke).

I wouldn’t normally post a press release and hot-button news, but then this happened:

That’s right, guys. Jean Grey is trending Worldwide on Twitter, defeated only by the news that Anderson Cooper has come out as gay. The reason I put so much stock in trending topics on Twitter is because it means people are talking, and people talking is a good thing. If enough people talk, maybe some of those people will put their money where their tweet is.

Comics could use the readers, and if Marvel puts the right story behind Jean’s return, maybe those readers’ll stick around.

EDIT: Aaaaand Twitter has now informed me that it’s changed trending topics from a worldwide point of view to trends about things that I care about. Sonuvagun. Expect an updated blog post that isn’t half-pointless later on.


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