Infinite Ammo – Writer searching for Artist

Hey guys, while I’m working in the long-term toward “Hell On Earth,” one of my other projects that I’ve been looking at is called Infinite Ammo, a video game thriller that…well, I guess I talked most about it on the Make Your Own, Then Tumblr that was inspired by Gail Simone. So here’s a link to that post, and the information? Well, that’s copied over, too.

[W4A] Infinite Ammo – Video Game Thriller

In the future, video games are the ultimate escapism. Video game companies have found alternate realities and created “levels” of closed-off video games, where players take over the minds of residents of these worlds to play out their games. In the real world, there are Players and Architects and one more job—Munitions. Walden is the greatest Munitions expert of the Games. You play video games. Did you ever wonder who laid all of that ammo conveniently out along the trail? Walden did.But now a few players have gotten too smart and are out to play the game for their own ends. Setting their sights on Walden and his infinite ammo bag, these players (banded together from a handful of video game genres from fantasy to horror to steampunk and so on) are breaking the rules of the Games in order to get everything in the bag…and take their avatars into the real world.

It’s up to Walden to cross the barrier, retrieve the infinite ammo, and save the real world from the Games themselves…

W4A looking for starters for just the first 8 pages of the first issue to send around for to potential publishers and further pages to come if it’s picked up by a publisher. For more information, contact !


Seriously, folks, if you know anyone who might even be remotely interested, give me a yell. If they even just want to see those eight script pages without committing, that’s totally okay. Just let me know.


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