A Huge Thank You

I’m not sure who you are or how you found this blog, but whoever put in that pretty big order at MyComicShop.com through the link in my sidebar, you’re pretty awesome. With it, I went ahead and ordered DMZ vol. 4-5, which will ship to me at the end of April along with that month’s comic pull list.

You = Awesome

If you do end up going online to buy back issues, the only reason I even bother advocating for MyComicShop.com is because they do have a huge selection, an awesome pull service, and easy-to-handle customer service. I have no affiliation with them outside of the fact that I buy comics from them and, because of that, if you buy yours from them through that link (with the ID# that comes with clicking through here), then I get a kickback from whatever you order.

And, because of that, when I read DMZ vol. 4-5, I’ll go on ahead and review them on here. For those who don’t know, just to make this topical, this weekend at Wondercon it was announced that Brian Wood (DMZ author) would be taking over Marvel Comics’ X-Men and Ultimate Comics X-Men starting in the summer. By the time these arrive and get read in the early summer, those reviews might give you an idea of whether or not you’ll be interested in picking up his work on Marvel’s X-books.

So again, a thousand thanks from me to whoever you are. Comic books are a bit of an addiction of mine, and whatever fuel you can throw on the fire from buying your own comics? That just makes the fire burn even stronger in me.

Because of this, I’m making an effort to be more timely with posting on here, too. Someone’s reading this, and I don’t know who you are, but thank you. I’m convinced that this is a worthwhile effort after all, if you believed/cared enough to trust a random guy on the internet!

Hope your week’s off to a great start!


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