The Value of Comic Book “News”

Eep, sorry to my subscribers about yesterday’s post. I published that on the wrong blog. You know how that goes.

Anyway, before I get to my thoughts on comics today, I thought I’d let The Gutters say it much more succinctly before I drone on about it.

Credit: Ryan Sohmer, Ed Ryzowski, Rus Wooton of The Gutters

What qualifies as comic book news?

Frankly, Sohmer isn’t exactly wrong about everything he’s satirized here. Comics Alliance is a site that is mostly opinion work on what folks don’t like about comics on any particular day. Bleeding Cool, while sometimes dishing news out earlier than other sites, often goes for the attention grab with Johnston using his notoriety to get comics sold every once in a while. Comic Book Resources clearly has some kind of deal with Marvel so that the weekly interview with Axel Alonso (or whoever is filling in for him that particular week) stays as the top news all weekend. And Newsarama? Heh, Newsarama has just resorted to a handful of stock Cracked-lite Top 10 lists that don’t necessarily make a whole lot of sense, constantly get reposted, and often aren’t even based on comic books (I’m thinking that mutant power levels article). When they do post press releases, they separate Marvel’s weekly previews of the next week’s comic books into giant chunks with an unwieldy image preview design, chunking previews together based on family. It’s just a mess.

So what does it take to get comic book news to, y’know, be worth it?

Honestly, I think that of all of the comic news sites, Comic Book Resources does it best. While it’s got an obvious Marvel bias, it reviews books from every company, has Comics Should Be Good (which functions as the Comics Alliance-style blog), Robot 6 (which posts rumors and such like Bleeding Cool), a much cleaner preview system (compared to Newsarama, and a whole host of interviews from every comic book company imaginable.

I’m not paid to say that. I have no connection there. This is my unsolicited opinion.

But what can I say? The Gutters got me thinking about it today. Take it or leave it, am I right?


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