Earth One vs. Season One

DC and Marvel definitely like to take each other’s “good” ideas. Take, for example, DC’s “Earth One” series of graphic novels. Starting simply with just Superman and Batman, the goal is to, y’know Ultimatize the origins of these characters and tell a more accessible version for a modern audience. Superman: Earth One rocketed off the shelves. Volume 2 is expected this fall. Batman: Earth One is scheduled for this summer.

In response, Marvel launched its Season One series of graphic novels which, well, haven’t had as much success so far (at least as far as I understand) in comparison. Launched with the same binding and design, the Season One graphic novels are even named similarly and…yeah. I picked up Fantastic Four: Season One and found out that the already-thin volume includes 22 pages of another issue of the regular series that I already own.

I can definitely say that DC’s books are more of a financial and readership success. Really, my question is why did Marvel even bother? They already did Ultimate versions of these characters that are already no longer relevant to their target audience. In the end, I guess everything is cyclical.

To be honest, there’s not much thought to this post. It exists mainly to convey my frustration that Marvel attempted to piggyback onto DC’s success and dropped the ball entirely.



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