Hell On Earth Character Sketch: Cameron


First off, I’m no artist. I think you can tell by the way that the character’s arms look like Harry Potter’s pre-Skele-Gro in the second movie/book and the fact that I conveniently chose to stop drawing the hands once there was a thumb to let you know that they were, indeed, hands. S’why I’m writing this thing, not drawing it. Anywho, onto a little of what the character’s about.

THE BASICS:  “Cameron” here is our lead protagonist of the three. He is the character with the toughest emotional journey ahead of him and the most cryptic reasons for going to Hell. To put it simply, the last thing his father said before he died was, “Go to Hell.” Cameron is firmly rooted in denial–unable to believe his father felt that way about him, Cameron is convinced that the words were a code of some sort. He has to tell himself that his father loved him and would never say anything like that, no matter what. The moment that Cameron’s faith is either validated or dissolved will be one of the most emotional scenes of the entire series if it ever comes to light. 

I think that one of the main things I’m going for with Cameron is to toe the line between likeable-yet-human and “Gary Stu” territory. I think that his unwavering faith in his father’s love for him is something that will automatically make us feel for him. I see a character here with whom we identify because we have all been naive, and his friends will see him that way, too. 

THE DRIVING FORCE:  It’s been said that if you don’t know what your characters want, then you really don’t know what you’re doing. I mentioned before that Cameron wants information/validation of his beliefs and, as an extension of that, he wants to fulfill what he has convinced himself is his father’s dying wish. When he finds out whether or not he is right, his basic motivation will change, but right now, at the start, Cameron is the most committed to this pilgrimage. 

THE LOOK:  This is just my sketch and not a potential artist’s rendering of the character, but I wanted to go, again, for the likeable look. He’s not athlete-level fit, but he’s not pathetic either. I think some level of physical fitness is expected of all three of these characters if they’re planning to navigate Hell. The baseball cap is his signature bit, and I’ll admit I was thinking of Ash Ketchum when I did that, but it’ll also have story significance. Also, all three of our main characters will at least start with backpacks, but let’s face it, a backpack was probably outside my artistic range. 

Interested? My e-mail is in the info below. I’m still artist-hunting, so shoot me a line if you’re interested at all!


Hunter Lambright is a nerd. A huge nerd. Nerd enough to be editor-in-chief of premier fan-fiction site Marvel Omega. But despite his nerdiness, you can follow him on Twitter, find him on various comic book forums under the handle of “Crawler,” and e-mail review copies (if you really want a blog that no one reads to review your stuff) at hrlambright@gmail.com . 


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