“Hell On Earth” Update

The first script for Hell On Earth, my potential series about a trio of teenagers who, for various personal reasons, decide to visit Hell, is complete and in dire need of revisions. In the first issue alone, the three encounter Charon, Cerberus, Julius Caesar, and Virgil. Yes, I may be slightly insane.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the comic-writing process. I really don’t know how writers typically do it, but the only way I found myself able to get things going was if I stick-figured the panels out myself and wrote in the dialogue, and then scripted it out from my storyboard.

That said, the first story-arc is going to be called Limbo, and we’re going to get our glimpse at the first of the nine Hell Lords, find out how Limbo does its best to corrupt even the most pious of heathens, and meet our guide into the Second Circle.

If folks are interested, I may post some character sketches, too. I always said this blog wasn’t just going to be about other people’s comics, so it’s high time I stuck to that.


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