New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s just a short list of what I’m looking at doing.

1. Write more on here. I have a ton of drafts saved up from times I started writing, thought, “Who does this matter two besides me?” and scrapped it. No more. If it matters to me, then it should be on this blog, am I right? Right.

2. Send out some scripts. I always get publishers’ information, release forms, etc. all ready, and then what do I stop at? The actual script-writing and polishing. If I ever want to write comic books, I’d better start working on it. If it’s going to happen, I want to try for a damn career, not a decade in my twilight years.

3. Write. Just write. If you don’t write every day, you probably aren’t a writer. I need to work on that. If I don’t plunk down a few hundred words a day, there’s probably a problem.

But yeah, folks. Other than that, have a damn awesome 2012! I’m looking forward to what the year’s going to bring!


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