The Trouble With Spoilers

You’ll notice I talk about Marvel Comic a lot on here, and that’s because I’m most familiar with them. And lately, well, Marvel’s gotten in the habit of breaking spoilery news stories to USA Today and the Associated Press about goings-on in their comics in order to entice interest in a storyline from non-regular comic readers.

A year ago, Marvel spoiled the death of the Human Torch for all regular comic readers by breaking the news to places that didn’t care whether or not a comic reader, psyched to find out the conclusion of an exciting storyline, understood what the headline “Flame Off?” meant.

So why would you alienate your strongest supporters?

Sure, reaching a wider audience? That’s good. But too often, it’s short-term. If you screw with the people who “love you no matter what,” which is the kind of mentality most Marvel Zombies (sadly, myself included) have, you run the risk of losing their love by screwing it up.

I won’t tell you what happens in Fantastic Four #600. However, I know because of headlines. I haven’t gone out and bought the issue to read yet. I’m going to still.

But I already know what happens. And when it happens as often as it has lately, you start to wonder if it would really matter if you didn’t…


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