Taking Bets on the DCnU

So we know what DC’s 52 new comic books are going to be, but, when a company launches 52 new comic books, not everything is going to be good, and not everything is going to sell well. Maybe DC is hoping that digital sales will pump up the profits from regular comic books, but when one of your new comics is I, Vampire, you know that you’re launching your equivalent to Spider-Girl or Namor: The First Mutant.

I get what they’re trying to do. Aquaman always gets canceled, but when you have Geoff Johns writing him, he’s all but guaranteed to sell like hotcakes. The Fury of Firestorm will sell for the sole reason that Gail Simone has the most rabidly loyal fans in the industry this side of Bryan Lee O’Malley. Then there are books like The Savage Hawkman that look great to me, but probably won’t do too well. The truth is that I’m not going to buy anything that actually looks like it will fail (not because of that, but because I’m in the boat with everyone who just doesn’t think it looks good).

With Johns at the helm, punchline character Aquaman will sell no matter what

So for those who haven’t asked, here’s what I’ve finally decided I’ll be reading from the DCnU.

  1. Action Comics
  2. Aquaman
  3. Batwoman
  4. Blue Beetle
  5. Deathstroke
  6. Flash
  7. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
  8. Fury of Firestorm
  9. Green Arrow
  10. Green Lantern
  11. Green Lantern Corps
  12. Green Lantern: New Guardians
  13. Justice League
  14. Legion Lost
  15. Mister Terrific
  16. Red Hood and the Outlaws
  17. Red Lanterns
  18. Savage Hawkman
  19. Superboy
  20. Teen Titans

That’s actually going to leave my pull list smaller than it already is because of course I’m not buying those 16 Flashpoint tie-ins anymore once they end. So yeah, we’re going to see how this all goes. I don’t know what DC is thinking, but I’m not them.


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